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Need a Cause To Get Behind?

Polls show that over 70% of Americans agree with over 97% of the climate experts that global warming and climate change (GW/CC) is starting to happen. And it will likely be devastating for all life on this planet in the not so distance future. But we are doing very little to combat it. Changes in how we operate and think are needed.

We may not like the idea of forced change, but it is going to happen whether we like it or not, due to GW/CC. All we can do is to try to steer those changes in a direction that we can live with.

Elections are coming up. We can start going that new direction by getting the attention of our governmental representatives and let them know we, the voters, are the real boss. At a minimum we need to make sure the self-serving GW/CC-denying politicians do not completely take over our government. As of 2015 the US Senate and House were both controlled by them. The President was all that stood between them and an undoing of the few environmental protections already in place. We need to elect pro-environment candidates to office, and/or get the incumbents to support GW/CC remedies.

It doesn’t matter so much which party we favor, the GW/CC issue is not a battle between political parties, it is a battle between the greedy fossil fuel interests who have “bought” political favor, and the rest of us. They want us to continue burning the CO2 producing fossil fuels that are causing the GW/CC problem, so they can get richer, even though they know it is ruining our environment.

Or, we could just let GW/CC happen and then try to live with the result. The Earth has already experienced environmental degradation from it. The oceans are already losing productivity due to CO2 caused acidity. People are already suffering and fighting due to drought and flooding from extreme weather, caused in part by GW/CC. Those kind of catastrophes are going to spread everywhere, and things will get tremendously worse for everybody, including us. Are we just going to sit back and let it happen without trying to stop it, just party-on until all hell breaks loose?

Please seriously consider what is being said here. We have plenty to gain if we start right away trying to fix the GW/CC problem, and nearly everything to lose if we do nothing. We can fix the problem if we want to bad enough. Lets get on with it.


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Why Should I Care, I’ll Be Long Gone?

By now you might be thinking: “Okay, maybe the scientists are right about global warming and climate change (GW/CC), and how bad it might get. But why should I worry about it, I’ll be long gone before it gets that bad?”.

Here are some thoughts that you might consider:

>Are we so selfish that trading a livable future for a few trivial pleasures right now seems okay?

>Cause the least damage possible to the future, it is just as important as now.

>We all have the right to live as comfortably as we can, but we shouldn’t do it at the expense of others.

>We know that people with different backgrounds have different outlooks on life, which dictates what they think is important to them. But the GW/CC issue will be a major part of everyone’s life, and we all will have to deal with it.

>We are the first generation to realize the damage and devastation that burning fossil fuels can cause. It will likely be by far the worst human caused tragedy ever. Yet many just ignore or deny it. Can we really be that callous?

>The GW/CC problem that our modern culture is primarily responsible for affects everybody world wide.

>If we just let GW/CC go, will we deserve the punishment it will render on us?

>Yes there are those who have too many immediate problems to worry much about GW/CC, but most of us could make the time and effort to do our part.

>The fossil fuel barons appear to have “bought” Congress. That is not the way democracy was to work.

>At a time when we desperately need honest and bold leadership to avert the worst of the GW/CC problem, what do we do but vote into Congress a pack of self-serving politicians.

>The past generations advanced the culture and technology they received, and left it for the next generation to enjoy and add to. Should we not do the same for future generations, rather than squandering it all as fast as we can?

>Today’s middle-agers will likely experience some of the first really bad effects of GW/CC, but their kids and grand-kids will probably bear the full brunt. Is that what we want for their future?

>Right now the younger generation knows they have a lot more at stake with GW/CC than the older generation now in power. Shouldn’t the geezers just get out of the way and let the “youngsters” get on with fixing it?

>The developed countries, like the USA, have caused most of the problem due to our high use of fossil fuels over the years, so we have the biggest obligation to fix the problem.

>The USA is by far one of the worst greenhouse gas offenders on a per-capita basis. The people of most other modern nations use just a fraction of what we do. How can we feel okay with that?

>The USA is a notable laggard in reducing per-capita green-house gas emissions, so the excuse that “if we slow it down other nations will just do it more” does not apply. Many other nations are already committed to reductions, and others will follow their lead, leaving us further behind.

>The recession over the last few years helped with greenhouse gas reductions slightly, but the economy is recovering and gasoline prices are way down. Now people are buying gas-guzzling SUVs and pickup trucks again. Don’t we get it yet?

>Pay a little in comfort now to fix GW/CC, or pay a whole lot more in misery later. Is that the smart thing to do?

>Cheap fossil fuels allowed us to advance and grow. But that can’t go on for ever. Wouldn’t it make sense to establish a new sustainable energy base and appropriate growth rates while we still can?

>We know there have been some really messed up people in the world who have done terribly evil things. Good people eventually dealt with them. But are there enough good people to stop what may be the worst evil ever, the self-destruction of civilization caused by GW/CC?

>There are all kinds of transient problems around the world, but this one will seriously affect everybody for thousands of years. It needs serious attention.

>We have met the enemy, and it is us. Are we really going to be our own worst enemy?

>We got ourselves in this fix, it is up to us to get ourselves out of it. No outside force is going to help.

>How can we, as intelligent beings, ignore the science put forth by the worlds best climate experts? We know deep inside who is most likely right about the GW/CC issue.

>GW/CC may destroy civilization. How can we just sit back and let all the technical advancements we have made and will make in the future be lost without trying our best to stop GW/CC?

>How can we let all the wonderful world of nature that we share this planet with, be lost due to our callousness and greed? Other creatures like to live too.

>Even the Bible says we are charged with taking care of the Earth. We are not doing a very good job of it though.

>Are we really basically just animals after all, watching out for our own immediate interests, and unable to use our so-called “gift of intelligence” to foresee and solve future problems?

>We as individuals are just a short segment in the continuum of human life on our Earth. Our main duty is to try to make things better, not just to exploit whatever we can so we can enjoy life to the max in the present.

>The deniers response to the ethical and moral issues of GW/CC is to just casually dismiss them by claiming that “GW/CC is not happening, so there is no problem”. But the “inconvenient truth” is that it is happening, and any conscientious, caring person would feel we have an obligation to try to fix it. Please give some honest consideration to what is being said here. We need to stop messing around and get on with fixing the problem while there is still time.


09/25/16 By J. Rodney Booker

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